Instrument and Articles of Government

The Instrument & Articles of Government set out the regulatory framework within which a further education college or corporation operates.  The Education Act 2011 provided more freedom and flexibility to Colleges including the freedom for Corporations to adjust their Instrument and Articles outside a core set of requirements.  The Corporation approved its Instrument & Articles on 12 July 2012.


Instrument and Articles of the Corporation of Northbrook College PDF

Standing Orders

The Corporation’s Standing Orders supplement the provisions of the Education Act 2011 and the Instrument and Articles of Government of the College.


Current Standing Orders of the Corporation PDF

Code of Good Governance for English Colleges

The Corporation adopted the Code of Good Governance for English Colleges in 2015.  The Code is intended to help governing boards meet and exceed basic governance requirements. 


Click here for the Code of Good Governance for English Colleges

The College Mission is “To be a centre of excellence for vocational and personal learning, helping people succeed and achieve their potential”


The Strategic Aims of the College are

  • Create a Culture of Excellence for our students, for our teaching and support teams, for our leaders and governors
  • Shape a high quality and distinctive curriculum offer which supports current and future economic and cultural demands and which offers pathways to higher study and to employment
  • Become a digital college innovating in teaching and learning and in business processes
  • To lead in educational social inclusion and widening participation for FE and HE
  • Generate strong finances to enable future investment and sustainability

Community Engagement

The Board has approved a  public value statement  to describe how the College seeks to add value to the social, economic and physical well-being of the community it serves.  Please see also the 2015-16 annual report on community engagement .

Complaints against the Governing Body

If you wish to make a complaint against the Governing Body, an individual member or the Clerk to the Board then the Complaints against the Governing Body procedure should be followed. For general complaints, please see the College Complaints Policy available on the policies pages of the College website under 'About Us'.

Register of Interests of Governors

The Corporation has a conflicts of interests policy.  The register of interests can be accessed here

Other Corporation Policies and Procedures

The Board has a number of policies and procedures which it works to.  These can be accessed below.  Please contact the Clerk should you have any queries on the content of these.


Scheme of Delegation


Executive Limitations Policy


Governor Appraisal Procedure


Governor Mentoring Programme


Governor Search & Recruitment Procedure


Governor Succession Planning Policy


Lead Governor Programme


Remuneration of Governors Policy