Claire Scanlon


Claire Scanlon
Senior Tutor Creative Industries

Teaching Areas: Fine Art, Cultural and Supporting studies


Specialist Areas of Delivery:   Studio practice, research practice



It is tempting to say as far as education is concerned I am less interesting than interested. My own journey took me from primary school in Holland (Montessori), which imprinted a love of geometry (Platonic), to secondary school in the Isle of Man (boarding), providing me with an interest in freedom (understatement). A degree at Brighton Polytechnic 1981-4 (Fine Art) got me into painting and an MA in London (Goldsmith’s College) is where I had my 15 minutes of fame in VOGUE (summer edition 1990) and started to teach (1990-2003).  During my education (on-going) I have therefore learnt to learn, and look and think and make (art).

And I am tempted to say that these things are often best done with others (collaboration) which I also do because I am interested in the space between things ( ) between the reader and the writer, the giver and the receiver, between drawing and photography, learning and teaching, language and everything else (touch).


Publications, Exhibitions, Research

Forthcoming:  Nov 2015 Reflections In & On Network Drawing Workshop session at Thinking Through Drawing: International Drawing & Cognition Research Symposium, South Bank, London


June-Sept 2015 Towner Open Zine participatory project, selected for East Sussex Open, Towner Gallery Eastbourne


June 2013 ‘Pair Of Pairs’ Exhibition (Scanlon& Grivell and Carritt & Palmer), Community Arts Centre, Brighton


Oct 2012 Curators and artist collaborators for ‘is this my beginning...or is this the end?’ Exhibition, Brighton Photo Fringe.


March 2012: Am Nuden Da Session_22_Reading of All Words and Book Launch 
 Saturday 17th March 

 at ICA, London 
 and featuring Scanlon & Grivell’s 2Words. 
 exhibition previously shown at the Am Nuden Da project space in East London and at Four Boxes Gallery, Krabbesholm, Denmark in 2011. The book of the project is available at the ICA bookshop 


November 2011: Voyage Around My Room. Norma Mangione Gallery. Turin. Italy

Sept 2011: Two Figures in Dense Violet Night Exhibition, (Becky Beasley Scanlon&Grivell) Lido Project Space, St Leonards on Sea


Sept 2011: Azimuth 16mm Film Screening (Nick Collins, Scanlon&Grivell) – Lido Project Space, St Leonards on Sea


November 2010: Session_12_Words + Untitled Four Boxes Gallery Krabbesholm Alle Denmark (Scanlon&Grivell)

Research - conference and publication:

2014 Publication of Network Drawing – A Meta-Learning Tool? in ‘Evolving Experiences – Articles from the Learning & Teaching Conference 2013


July 2013 Presentation at University of Brighton Learning & Teaching Conference ‘Evolving Experiences’ – Network drawing: a visual tool for developing meta-learning capacity in group work



Sept 2012 Thinking through Drawing 2012: Drawing in STEAM Symposium Workshop exploring collaborative ‘networked’ drawing and programming


July 2012: Publication of Book Review – 11 Course Leaders: 20 Questions: interviews with 11 London BA Fine Art course leaders, in ADM-HEA’s on-line Networks magazine


Jan 2012: ‘Autographic Photographic: developing critical analysis through slow doing and embodied thinking’ ADM-HEA on-line case-study report, Scanlon&Grivell


Sept 2011: Publication of Workbook Framelock: a transitional survey and critical analysis of student approaches to creative process documentation in photography, visual art and media education paper in ‘Partnerships - Articles from the Learning and Teaching Conference 2010’, Scanlon&Grivell



Other Information

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Learning & Teaching Fellow, Centre for Learning & Teaching, University of Brighton

Member of the Drawing Research Network