Dr Emma Norton


Teaching Areas: Science, Maths and ICT


Specialist Areas of Delivery: Science, Aerodynamics, Motorsport Performance and Computer Applications Engineering



Emma Norton is a science and mathematics lecturer who also has interests in technology and ICT. Emma attended the University of Wales, Swansea for her BSc degree (Hons) in Marine Biology and then undertook a PhD in Oceanography at Southampton University on the Reproductive biology of the European Lobster Homarus gammarus (L), graduating in 1994. Subsequent research at Southampton University and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF) comprising crustacean fisheries and population dynamics, crustacean behaviour and telemetry (using acoustic, conventional  and electromagnetic tagging).  Additional research topics included biodiversity, environmental and chemical analysis.


Whilst at Southampton University, Emma also supported and lectured Fisheries statistics, modelling and population dynamics, Finfish and Shellfish fisheries, Contemporary Oceanography and Biological oceanography for BSc and MSc students. Emma has been a SCUBA diver since 1985, diving instructor since 1986, and worked as a member of Southampton University’s Oceanography Department’s Dive Team.


After 1995, Emma Norton worked in the travel industry as a flight sales consultant, administrator, trainer and supervisor before becoming the General Manager of a very successful medium sized travel insurance business.  Following a specialisation in Product Development Manager, Emma returned to education and undertook teacher training through the Graduate Teacher Training Programme (GTP) at Chichester University in 2009 and now lectures Science and Mathematics for Aeronautical Engineering and Motorsports Engineering students at levels 2 and 3 with specialisms in Aerodynamics and Motorsport Performance and Computer Applications Engineering at Northbrook College, Shoreham Airport.



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Major Conferences:

23rd European Marine Biology Symposium Swansea 1989

4th International Lobster Workshop, Havana, Cuba 1989

ICES Shellfish Symposium, Moncton, New Brunswick 1990

ICES Marine Science Symposia, Warnemunde, Germany 1992

European Lobster seminar, Kvitsoy, Norway 1995



Email: e.norton@nbcol.ac.uk