Libraries & Learning Resource Centres

The Northbrook libraries are at the centre of college life and provide a range of study areas in bright and welcoming surroundings. We have an enthusiastic and friendly team to support you and your studies. The library service has a book collection of over 40,000 books, a large periodical collection and access to various on-line databases. Throughout your course the library team offers day to day support on getting the most out of the library and its resources.

Library contact phone numbers:
West Durrington Campus - 01903 273213 or 01903 273305
Broadwater Campus - 01903 273450 or 01903 273451
Shoreham Airport Campus - 01273 456366

Learning Resource Centres

All students have access to their allocated Centre which allows drop-in access on a flexible basis to high quality, supported IT facilities, including:

  • High-specification personal computers
  • Wide range of application software
  • Secure student network
  • Virtual learning environment
  • Internet
  • Email
  • File transfer via CD and USB storage devices
  • and much more...

Creative Arts Flexible Learning Areas

Northbrook College has six Flexible Learning Areas in the Creative Arts: Music, Fashion & Textiles, Fine Art, Graphic Arts, Media & Photographic Arts & Theatre, Art & Design. Each Flexible Learning Area caters for courses within the Creative Arts, developing resources to aid student learning and offering guidance and support in the use of software packages relevant to their studies. They are drop-in centres where students are able to continue their learning in an independent manner with support from the Flexible Learning Area staff.

The Flexible Learning Areas form a bridge between the practical studio/workshop and the library. Students benefit from a wide range of resources such as cuttings, slides, periodicals and other textual and visual materials, as well as electronic based resources which are collated by the Flexible Learning Area assistant, in accordance with the delivery of the curriculum. Students are given the opportunity and freedom to research and experiment with new media and access the College's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), where Flexible Learning Area assistants create a wide variety of digital resources and research material.