Note that students on Government funded courses may not have to pay
- see our Funding page


Fees for part-time courses are displayed on the course description pages of this website. For full-time course fees, contact Admissions on 0845 155 60 60. If your course lasts more than a year, the fees quoted are per year. The College reserves its right to increase these in future years, including for subsequent years of programmes already running, in line with national Government Funding authorities guidance


If you are not eligible for funding , your fee will be payable at time of enrolment.

(If you are paying by Government loan, you should apply for the loan in advance as you will be required to provide evidence at time of enrolment that your loan has been approved.)

Your place on your course may be at risk if you do not pay at enrolment.


Instalment plans (direct debit)

Prior to the College agreeing to an instalment plan for a learner, the college will undertake a credit check; this carries a charge of £30 that has to be paid by the student at enrolment and is non-refundable.


Direct Debits are only available to students on funded Further Education courses if the fee is over £200 and course over 10 weeks in duration. A 25% deposit is required at enrolment, followed by 3 equal instalments, usually commencing one month after the course start date.

Full cost recovery and self-financing courses which are longer than two months in duration with a fee over £500 will require payment of 50% on enrolment, with the remaining 50% payable one month after the course start date.

For Higher Education courses (eg BA or HNC), if the fee is over £500 and course over 10 weeks in duration, Direct Debits are payable in 3 instalments, these being collected on 1st November; 1 st February; 1 st May. 

Students sponsored by their employers

If employed (inc. self-employed)  and your employer is paying part or all of your course fees you must provide the College with written confirmation by completion of a College Sponsorship form signed by a senior responsible person of the organisation such as a Company Director.

Additional Costs & Materials

There may be additional costs and materials required for each course. Specific costs are shown on individual course information sheets.


Standard Cancellation Charge and Refunds

It is not College policy to issue refunds unless it has been necessary to cancel the course and a substitute alternative is not available. Please note that there may be circumstances in which there are insufficient fee paying students to allow the course to be run. In these instances the College reserves the right to cancel the course. If this occurs, we will notify you and you will receive a full refund.

If the decision to withdraw from the course is that of the student, either prior to or within the first two weeks of the course commencing, a Standard Cancellation Charge of £30 will always be payable. Students who withdraw after the first two weeks will be required to pay the full fee. A £25 charge is levied to all students who do not attend an examination for which they are registered.

No refunds will be initiated if classes are cancelled for circumstances beyond the College's control.


Refunds will not be given for full cost recovery/self-financing courses unless the course is cancelled – Please see page 23 of the 2016/17 Fees Policy


Students from outside the European Union

If this applies to you or you have not lived in the UK/EU for more than 5 years, you will be required to pay the overseas student rate. Please contact the College for more details.


If you have any queries, please contact our Payment Liaison office on 01903 273140.