Ofsted Inspection Report November 2013


College Leadership and Management rated 'Outstanding'

"Leaders and managers have established highly effective strategies."

"Leaders are relentless in the pursuit of attaining targets that are both challenging and purposeful."

"Behaviour and attitudes of students around the college on all campuses are exemplary; students are supportive and want to learn and anatmosphere of mutual respect is evident in teaching sessions."


Performing Arts rated 'Outstanding'

"Students do particularly well in drama, dance and vocational courses in music technology."

"Teachers successfully promote a culture of high expectation and, consequently, students meet professional standards for rehearsals and productions."

"Students make exceptional progress in physical theatre and dance lessons and display outstanding performance skills."

"Teachers use specialist resources particularly effectively to promote the development of practical and technical skills. Students have ready access to industry-standard facilities."

"Teachers provide outstanding individual support to students."

"Students participate in an extensive range of high-quality enrichment activities."

"Links with industry provide valuable opportunities for work experience."


Childcare rated 'Outstanding'

"Teaching, learning and assessment are outstanding and, consequently, the number of students achieving their qualifications is extremely high, well above the average for similar colleges."

"Students are rightly proud of the very high standards of work they produce."

"Teachers have consistently high expectations of students and therefore students are very successful in progressing to higher-level courses, higher education and employment."

"Teachers work very closely with local employers to ensure students develop the skills and experience required to work confidently with children and young people and that they learn to put theory into practice very well."

Ofsted Inspection Report May 2012


Departments teaching art, design, media, music and performing arts Rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted in 2012

“Many teachers work in the creative industries and use their knowledge of professional practice effectively to help students be aware of employment trends and industry expectations.”

“Students achieve high grades across all subjects. “

“The majority of students successfully progress to work or further and higher education, with many of these students achieving places at prestigious universities and schools of design, music and drama.”

“Attendance and punctuality are good and behaviour is excellent. Students’ performance work demonstrates high levels of maturity and commitment.”


Departments teaching childcare and health & social care - Rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted in 2012

“The standard of students’ work in lessons is high. Students contribute with confidence to class discussions and have a good recall of previous learning. Student portfolios on work-based learning programmes are well presented."

“Teachers use a wide range of well-chosen interactive teaching and learning activities in lessons. Students work hard in lessons. “

“Teachers effectively draw on their wide-ranging industry experience to link theory to vocational practice. “

“The range of provision is good and directly relates to well-documented areas of skills shortage. “

“The links with the care and early years sector in West Sussex are extensive. “

“Teachers and tutors provide good pastoral and academic support. “


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