Higher Education Student Charter


The student charter is an agreement developed by students and staff at Northbrook College to outline and ensure what is expected of the College, the students and the Students ’ Union.  Further to this we have included a section regarding appeals and complaints procedures.


In order to provide an exceptional learning experience, Northbrook College will:

  1. HE charter cartoon 1 Provide clear access to information concerning students’ academic learning, including: - Course handbooks to include all information regarding each specific course including unit briefs/module briefs, timetables, key contacts, support services, complaints and appeals procedures.
  2. Give on time feedback with clear outlines of timescales.
  3. Ensure clear communication and organisation between staff and students via agreed platforms. - Update virtual learning environment (VLE) regularly.
  4. Make sure all facilities are accessible throughout college for all students.
  5. Listen to the student voice and respect students’ views and opinions in order to constructively improve the student experience.
  6. Consistently provide high standards of teaching, with all teaching staff to be enthusiastic and experienced in their field of knowledge. Teaching to include regular tutorials.
  7. Support students in activities which enhance employability skills, prospects and personal development.
  8. Welcome and include all students at Northbrook College.



In order for students’ to get the best out of their learning experience, students’ will:

    HE charter cartoon 2
  1. Abide by the rules and regulations by respecting all staff, equipment and facilities.
  2. Take advantage of all activities and opportunities in order to enhance employability and personal development.
  3. Be active, passionate and willing to learn. Get the best out of your student experience.
  4. Take responsibility for their own learning by actively engaging in their course by; attending all timetabled classes, and keeping up to date with the VLE content and communications.
  5. Support your course representatives in order to shape and improve the quality of your learner experience.




In its commitment to the student experience, Northbrook Students’ Union will:

  1. HE charter cartoon 3 Support students by providing opportunities for students to meet people and participate in the HE Community.
  2. Provide student support in quality enhancement activities especially through societies, events and campaigns.
  3. Support students in all areas including academic, social, financial, wellbeing and welfare.
  4. Represent students at a local and national level.
  5. Welcome and include all students at Northbrook College.



Appeals and Complaints Procedures

HE charter cartoon 4 The College hopes that you are satisfied with all aspects of its services, but if you are not you can let us know at any point in the journey between application and graduation. Making a complaint is a way to bring a concern to the attention of the College to be investigated and addressed.


There is a Complaints Policy which details how to complain which you can find on the HE Information area of the VLE and at www.northbrook.ac.uk/policies .  


Decisions about your assessments, your right to progress to the next stage of your studies or to graduate are reached by an Examination Board at the end of every academic year.  You are entitled to appeal against these decisions and the process for doing so is outlined in the College’s Academic Appeals Procedure. You can find on this policy at www.northbrook.ac.uk/policies and the HE Information area of the VLE, together with Academic Appeals forms and the University of Brighton regulations on Appeals.



Extension and Mitigation Procedures

HE charter cartoon 5 There are procedures in place to help if you have serious, unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances which prevent you from completing your work, from meeting an assessment deadline or from performing at your best in an assessment. 


If you are in this situation, you can submit an Extension to Deadline form to your Course Leader to request more time, or fill in a Mitigating Circumstances form to let the Examination Board know that there were difficulties which hampered your ability to do your work.  These forms are available from the Curriculum Secretaries and are also on the HE Information area of the VLE.