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Specialist School to be Housed at Broadwater Campus

N orthbrook College, in partnership with West Sussex County Council, is to host the building of a new unit at its Broadwater campus to house the Worthing Links College.

The Links College has, for many years, provided flexible education for under-16s who are unable to attend mainstream school, due to medical, emotional or social difficulties. As part of their learning programmes, pupils already attend vocational sessions at Northbrook.

The unit’s relocation to Northbrook’s Broadwater site will place it in an ideal position to combine vocational training with core school subjects. Pupils will retain an appropriate school environment - accommodated in their own separate building - while also experiencing the more mature atmosphere of a college of further education.

Northbrook ’s previous redevelopment plans were unfortunately withdrawn due to changes in government funding. The new plans that are currently being formulated are on a smaller scale as they do not include moving courses from our West Durrington Campus.

Nonetheless, Northbrook continues to be dedicated to redeveloping its Broadwater site. This will enable the removal of the unsightly and sub-standard huts from the campus.

Northbrook’s Principal, Sue Dare, said, “This is the first step towards our goal of building a high quality environment at Broadwater which will provide a state-of-the-art technical and vocational centre for Worthing’s young people.”

Peter Griffith, West Sussex Cabinet Member for Education and Schools, said, “I am delighted that working collaboratively with Northbrook College we are able provide new facilities for pupils who will benefit from the college environment. The opportunity to plan future provision for pupils with Northbrook College will help to secure the best outcomes for young people in the area.”

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