Chris Riddell Illustrator and writer, Chris Riddell is the newly appointed Children’s Laureate and visited Northbrook’s Illustration degree students last week to give an inspiring talk about his career, industry and the joy of drawing.


Chris talked about what it was to be an illustrator. He gave one word descriptions of what an illustrator needs to be. Each word was followed by an image of himself in an amusing situation that portrayed the word he had chosen in cartoon form. He also brought in some sketch books and some of his published books. The talk was very well attended, with past students coming into Northbrook to learn from the top illustrator.


Chris has worked with authors Quentin Blake, Michael Rosen and Neil Gaiman and illustrated Russell Brand’s first kids’ book. He has just been named Children’s Laureate, a role which enables him to promote and encourage children's interest in literature and reading. He is the ninth author to hold the two-year post. Riddell has already begun a "Laureate’s Log", which will depict every day of his tenure for the next two years, and be shared on social media. His maxim is: "Wherever there are words let there be pictures".