Anti Hate Crime poster. Simon Clancy and Daniel Ellyot Dan Ellyot photography work


A Creative Media Practice graduate has been commissioned by Sussex Police to produce a series of posters for an Anti-Hate Crime campaign.


Dan Ellyot's degree at Northbrook led to the eyecatching series of adverts, which highlight the issue of Hate Crime in the community.


Dan said, "The BA Creative Media Practice: Photography course at Northbrook College has been a pleasure to study on, with the enthusiasm of the tutors and technicians, combining with the encouragement I received with my work. The Course Leader Kirste McCool has offered continuing support and tutoring throughout the entire year.


"Opportunities have been set up to work with industry and non-industry professionals, to aid us with working within our specialist fields. Our hard work has been rewarded by chances to exhibit our work in London, and this in turn has opened new doors, allowing us to meet new clients, and hear feedback from visitors to our show - all reinforcing our confidence in our photography.


"It’s been a pleasure to study at Northbrook College, with enthusiastic and dedicated staff, who were here to guide us along the way and help shape us as industry ready professionals.”