Northbrook Art, Design and Media students are showcasing their end of year degree work next month in an exciting art exhibition at Northbrook’s University Centre, Worthing. It will be the last chance to view the best of this year’s student work before it is transported to London for the National Graduate Shows.


The event is open Wednesday 3 rd June - Friday 5 th June between 10am and 4pm and on Saturday 6 th June between 10am and 2pm and we would love for the local community to enjoy this free event and join us in celebrating the imaginations of the future.


There will be exhibitions from a range of our creative arts subjects, including Fine Art (Including Painting and Sculpture), Graphic Design, Illustration, Textile Design, Fashion Design, Fashion Media & Promotion, The Moving Image, Photography, Makeup & Hair for Theatre, Costume Design and Prop Making.


Some of the early installations that have already been set up by students include…


Mew Welch art work Mew Welch

With inspiration drawn from Jo Tilson and Fredrick Frobel, Mew Welch’s degree work is an abstract installation made up of bold colours, shapes and light, which she asks the viewer to engage with. Mew experiments with scale and shape to create structures that are more than they originally seem to be and incorporates the idea of constructing and deconstructing within her work. She is keen to continue exhibiting and has recently showcased her work at “Secret Sevens”, an exhibition at Somerset House in London.


Sarah Luxford's art work Sarah Luxford

Sarah Luxford’s degree work explores the struggles faced by hoarders. Sarah has produced a number of scenes, which are 1/12th of their real size and look at the emotional, practical and physical impact of hoarding through a variety of metaphorical and literal installations and photographs. Her idea was developed after attending a one day Cloth and Clothing workshop, organised by one of her tutors. Sarah is going on to complete her Masters in Fine Art at Chichester University and has nothing but high praise for her Northbrook experience; “It’s a fabulous university. I couldn’t fault it. There’s been such amazing support. The facilities are better than anything I’ve seen elsewhere. The workshops, tutors and technicians are so talented and always on hand to help. When I used to go to galleries, I didn’t know what I was looking at. We’ve learnt to read Art.” Sarah is exhibiting at St Pauls in Worthing in the summer.


Hala Sabet's art work Hala Sabet

Hala Sabet was an economist for twenty years before deciding to go back to university to study Fine Art at Northbrook’s University Centre in Worthing. Her end of year piece is inspired by Islamic Geometry, with the intricacies of its construction representing her belief in the harmony and peace of Islam. Whilst the base is carefully structured, the wooden shoots and angles growing out of it are random, capturing the tension between chaos and order. You could interpret the installation as representing the complexities of a religion – its core truth versus people’s misconceptions. Hala has thoroughly enjoyed her course at Northbrook, which has inspired her to continue her Fine Art studies with a Masters at West Dean. She says of her time at Northbrook, “The course was so well structured. You know exactly where you’re going. When you’re lost, you’re meant to be lost and you are guided to learn from the experience.”


Sarah Dunford's art work Louise Dunford

Louise Dunford’s end of degree work started life out as macro photography images. She took macro photographs of flowers and experimented with colours on Photoshop. Louise finally produced paintings of the photoshoped images on canvas and MDF and put different images together to create an installation piece. She says she enjoyed “Playing with what is a painting and what is a sculpture.” Louise is keen to help other people with her art and is considering a career in Art Therapy or Teaching after her experience at Northbrook, where “the tutors are always available to talk to and we had lots of tutorials”.