Fire Cadets at Northbrook MET Greater Brighton Metropolitan College fire cadets have successfully graduated from a 38-week programme launched in partnership with West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service.

The pass-out parade, took place at Worthing Fire Station on 28 June, and saw the cadets participate in a range of complex drills, including a scenario where they had to work with the service's Technical Rescue Team to perform a rescue from a height, before being handed awards of achievement by Chief Fire Officer, Gavin Watts.

The sixteen students began their journey as cadets back in September last year when they joined the College's Uniformed Services course. Throughout the duration of the programme they have learnt all about the fire service; gaining experience of how firefighters respond to emergencies by practising hose running, ladder climbs and the use of specialist equipment etc.

Speaking at the parade, Gavin Watts said, "The effort put in by each cadet, not only today but throughout the course, has been exceptional.
"It has been a privilege for our service to work in collaboration with Greater Brighton Metropolitan College and I am extremely pleased with its success."

Gavin McCourty, Lead Instructor, said, "The cadets have become ambassadors for the fire service as they have learnt about the roles of a modern firefighter and have taken unique skills and knowledge back into their communities.

"The course has helped them to prepare for employment and they have developed competencies that will help them in their adult life, such as how to apply for jobs, communication skills and discipline. They have also learnt life-saving skills, including emergency resuscitation.

"Seeing the cadets grow from strength to strength every week has been an absolute honour and it has been a delight working with these young people. Their dedication and commitment throughout the duration of the course has been exceptional.

Principal, Sharon Collett, said: "We are delighted with the success of our partnership with the fire service and are very proud of our cadets. We wish them every success in the future."

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