Lewis Ellingford A Northbrook Theatre Arts student is in the enviable position of being offered two jobs in short succession at prestigious theatre companies.


Stage Management & Production student Lewis Ellingford, was approached with an offer of work on the final day of his work experience placement by the Head of Stage at Glyndebourne. He has also secured a job as part of the stage crew with Chichester Festival Theatre.


Lewis said, “It’s been amazing to have the chance to work at such an amazing venue as Glyndebourne, as it's given me an insight into what goes on in such a large company. To be offered employment at the end of it all is the icing on the cake.”


During his work experience placement at Glyndbourne, Lewis was an Assistant Stage Technician, which meant working on set maintenance and general theatre maintenance for all the productions of the season.


The hands-on practical approach to learning at Northbrook has been hugely beneficial to Lewis in preparing him for the workplace.  He said, “The Stage Production & Management degree is unique in having a functional theatre which, as a student, you are able to run. You are in control and this prepares you so well for going out into the work environment. When I applied for my degree, the fact that I had experience at Brighton Theatre Group was seen as an important part of my application as it showed my practical potential.”