Nikki Wilson Northbrook Fine Art degree students are exhibiting site specific works of art in Pallant House Gallery, Chichester.


For the sixth consecutive year, fine art students were invited to submit proposals for work that responds to the original 18 th century Queen Anne townhouse. The successful artworks are on display at the gallery until 6 th March.


Gallery spokeswoman, Sarah Jackson explained, “Students looked at the townhouse’s location, history, design and architecture, and also the Gallery’s role as one of the south’s most important centres for modern and contemporary art. The challenge for students was to create a piece of work that both reflected their own personal approach to studio practice whilst commenting on a characteristic of the house which they particularly responded to. The act of researching and preparing their applications also gave the students valuable experience in working with art galleries and creating proposals.


“A panel of Pallant House Gallery staff including curator Katy Norris, head of learning and community Sandra Peaty and co-directors Marc Steene and Simon Martin selected ten proposals from students which will now be bought to life in the Gallery spaces.


Sarah added, “Some students were inspired by the occupations and pastimes of the original 18 th century owners of Pallant House, Henry and Elizabeth Peckham.


“Andrei Precup’s fine wine bottles pay tribute to Henry Peckham’s first occupation as a wine merchant, while Debbie Attwood and Stephanie Reed have created works that use embroidery and fabric swatches to comment on the skills that many 18 th century women had to employ.


“Nikki Wilson was inspired by both the location of the house at the site of an old malt house, and the crop barley, which has been grown in the Chichester area for centuries. Her demijohns and pint glasses containing growing barley are found in window recess by the lift.”