The role played by insurance cover is of significant importance. You are reminded that your personal belongings, including bicycles and any individual items or portfolios of work undertaken as part of a College project or course, which are not actually in the possession of, or under the control of, a member of the College staff, are not generally covered by any insurance held by the College. It is up to you to make your own insurance arrangements to cover such losses and cover for personal accidents suffered off College premises. Your attention is also drawn to the fact you must not bring motor vehicles of any type - including motorcycles - on to College premises unless they are properly and adequately insured.


You are also reminded that if you propose to use your vehicles in connection with any form of College activity, e.g. to take fellow students to or from any off site pursuit, you must ensure that your insurance policy provides you with cover for doing so. If you were not categorised as a student when you originally obtained insurance cover you are reminded that you should inform your insurance company of your changed status as this is a material fact which may affect the validity of the cover.

You are also informed that the college authorities have the right to request production of evidence of adequate motor insurance cover for whatever reason at their discretion and to ban vehicles from entering onto College premises if those insurance requirements do not appear to be satisfied.