For definitive rules and procedures regarding a course validated by an external body, please refer to the relevant Department student handbook. (Students doing a Degree validated by the University of Brighton will be given one as part of their course.

The College has a small number of rules to ensure that each member of the College has regard for others. Details are published around the College but, in summary, the rules are:

1. Anyone who refuses to comply with the College's rules will be subject to College disciplinary procedures and may also be subject to a fine if they are breaking the law. Please note that the College could itself be fined if it does not ensure that staff, students and visitors uphold the law restricting smoking.

2. Accidents must be brought to the notice of the class lecturer or personal tutor on the day they occur.

3. Students are not permitted to bring alcoholic drinks or illegal substances on to the College campuses or to be under the influence of alcohol. If they do they can expect to be sent home and other disciplinary action to be taken.

4. The taking of photos, the making of films or the recording of conversations of any person anywhere on College premises using mobile phones or any other device or equipment is not allowed without the express permission of an authorised member of staff and of the individual being filmed/recorded.

5. You are wholly responsible for the security of your property whilst on College premises and the College accepts no responsibility for student property lost or damaged on the premises, no matter how these may occur. Also, the College will accept no liability whatsoever for losses from, or damage to, student cars, motorcycles or bicycles, whilst they are on the College premises, no matter how these may occur.
- Note: The College insurance does not include cover for any claims arising out of any loss or damage to student property, including cars, motorcycles or bicycles.

6. No student may undertake private commissions or conduct private business in College time or using College equipment and materials without the permission of the Head of Department.

7. The College waives its rights in the intellectual property of any artwork, design, patent invention or music work executed by a student during his/her course of study. In return for this concession, the College reserves the right to require any such work to be used for exhibition by the College for a period of up to 12 months from the end of his/her course. It is also expected that students will comply with any reasonable request for the use of their skills/expertise or work by the College for promotional purposes, during their course of study, in particular where this forms part of assessed course work. The College also retains the right to use or reproduce students' work for a period of two years after completion of their course for promotional or publicity purposes at no cost to the College, in which case it undertakes to acknowledge or attribute to the student whose original work has been used, provided this can be ascertained.
- Note: Students engaging in criminal activities of any kind on College premises will be subject to disciplinary action which could include notifying the police.


At Northbrook College, we are committed to providing a learning environment in which you can give your best and participate freely in College activities. We want all students to be able to enjoy the company of other students respecting and being respected by staff. Unfortunately, from time to time, some students' actions or performance are unacceptable. The Procedure and Code of Conduct sets out how we will deal with problems. Please note that the stage of the Procedure will depend on the nature of the problem.

Possession/Use of Illegal Substances
The College has a policy of zero tolerance in respect of the possession/use of illegal substances on College premises. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes cannabis. However, when dealing with breaches of this policy, the College will follow the principle of proportionality when deciding what sanction to impose in any given case. In the most serious cases, including allegations of dealing in illegal substances, the Principal will inform the police.

Collaboration with the Police
While the College's disciplinary procedures are wholly separate from civil or criminal legal proceedings, the College will assist the police in bringing criminal prosecutions when the gravity of the offence is deemed by the Principal to warrant such assistance. The College will co-operate with police requests for information, subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.