'St. George’s School of English is always happy to offer employment opportunities to TESOL teachers who trained at Northbrook College, as they produce highly qualified and conscientious teachers able to master the dynamics of any classroom environment.  We gladly extend our support by enabling newly qualified teachers to observe their more experienced colleagues at our school.   To all at the TESOL department, keep up the good work! To all the new teachers, good luck!'
Sylvia, St George's School of English


'We often employ newly qualified TESOL teachers trained at  Northbrook College - they are always highly motivated and very conscientious. We hope to be able to continue to offer first teaching posts to Northbrook's trainees.'
Janine Wood-Simon, Director, English in England


'CES is always happy to recruit newly qualified TESOL teachers trained at Northbrook College because we know we can rely on the quality and calibre of the candidates’ teaching and learning standards.  We always find teachers trained at Northbrook College are very well prepared.'
Nicola Solly-Flood , Director of Studies , Centre of English Studies