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Level X

History – Women Who Changed History and the World – 1 Saturday/Summer Term


Are you interested in women who changed history? Women who changed the world and helped pave the way for a future for women? Some have become household names but there are many more who are maybe lesser known.

We will look at the lives of women who made history through their contributions to science, politics, technology, art, sports and entertainment. Some changed the direction of history like Wallis Simpson; some achieved firsts in their fields like Elizabeth Garrett Anderson; some were known in a different field such as Hedy Lamarr; and some put us all in awe like Helen Keller.

By the end of the course you will be able to take away interesting and not so well-known and sometimes quirky facts about those amazing and powerful women who changed the world -; sometimes against all odds

Tutor Monika Lind. This workshop runs on a Saturday 1000-1600


Suitable for all abillties


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