This is not an exhaustive list but indicative of the types of document held.  If a document you require is not shown in this guide please contact the Freedom of Information Manager.  Some information may in some circumstances be exempt from disclosure.

1.Who we are and what we do


1.1 Legal Framework

Instrument & Articles of Governance - https://www.northbrook.ac.uk/aboutus/governance/desboardpolicies
Legal Status conferred by the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 http://www.legislation.hmso.gov.uk/acts/htm

Charitable status - The college is an exempt charity under the powers conferred by the Further and Higher Education Act 1992.

1.2 How the institution is organised


Introduction to the College - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/aboutus/
Corporation Meetings - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/aboutus/governance/cormeetings

College Policies - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/policies/

List of Governors - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/aboutus/governance/desboard

Governing Body & Committee Structure - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/aboutus/governance/TermsofRef

Standing Orders - https://www.northbrook.ac.uk/aboutus/governance/desboardpolicies

Register of Interests for Governors - https://www.northbrook.ac.uk/aboutus/governance/desboardpolicies


1.3 Lists of and information relating to organisations it works in partnership with any companies wholly owned by it

  • Skills Funding Agency and Education Funding Agency
  • Higher Education Funding Council
  • Ofsted
  • Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
  • DCSF                             
  • Examining Board
  • Schools
  • Employers
  • Local Authorities
  • Sector Skills Council


1.4 Location and contact details


Email: enquiries@nbcol.ac.uk

Website: www.northbrook.ac.uk


West Durrington Campus:

The University Centre Worthing
Littlehampton Road, Worthing BN12 6NU 01903 273060


Broadwater Campus:

Broadwater Road, Worthing, BN14 8HJ 01903 273456


Shoreham Airport Campus
Shoreham Airport, Shoreham-by-Sea, BN43 5FF 01273 456350


Business Development Centre at Liverpool Gardens
17 Liverpool Gardens, Worthing, BN11 1RY 01903 273114


1.5 Student Activities

Northbrook Students' Union - www.northbrook.ac.uk/NBSU

Northbrook Students' Union Facebook

2. Finance

2.1 Funding / Income

Annual audited financial statements - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/aboutus/financialaccounts/
Financial Regulations - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/financialregulations


2.2 Budgetary and Account Information

Annual audited financial statements - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/aboutus/financialaccounts/

Annual budget as approved by Corporation - Annual budgets academic years 14/15 and 15/16


2.3 Financial Audit Reports

Annual internal audit report - Audit report

Audit committee annual report - Audit report


2.4 Capital Programme

Minutes of Corporation meetings report progress on capital projects - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/aboutus/governance/corporationminutes


2.5 Financial Regulations and Procedures

Financial Regulations - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/financialregulations

Annual Report on Governors Expenses


2.6 Staff Pay and Grading Structures

Salary grades and pay - on request


2.7 Register of Suppliers

Register of College suppliers academic year 14/15


2.8 Procurement and Tender Procedures

Financial Regulations - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/financialregulations

3. What are our priorities and how are we doing?

3.1 Annual Report

Annual Report -  http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/hosted/annualreportv3/index.html


3.2 Corporate and Business Plans

Strategic Plan - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/aboutus/mission/


3.3 Teaching and Learning Strategy

Student support and supervision arrangements - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/currentstudents/

3.4 Corporate Relations

Communications Strategy - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/aboutus/mission/


3.5 Government & Regulatory Report

Ofsted Inspection report.  Last report in October 2013 accessed at:


4. How we make decisions

4.1 Minutes from Governing Body, Academic Boards and Steering Groups

Minutes and papers of board meetings - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/aboutus/governance/corporationminutes


4.2 Appointment Committees and Procedures

Recruitment policies and procedures - Recruitment and Selection Policy

Appointment procedures for Governors - https://www.northbrook.ac.uk/aboutus/governance/desboardpolicies

5. Our policies and procedures

5.1 Policies and Procedures for Conducting College Business

College Policies - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/policies/

Access to College and Coporation Information - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/aboutus/governance


5.2 Procedures and Policies relating to Academic Services

Student Appeals Policy - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/academicappeals


5.3 Procedures and Policies relating to Student Services

Student Handbook - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/currentstudents/

Learning Resources - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/currentstudents/

IT Acceptable Use Policy - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/policies/


5.4 Procedures and Policies relating to Human Resources

Harassment and Bullying Policy - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/policies

Health and Safety Policy - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/policies

5.5 Procedures and Policies relating to Recruitment

Recruitment policies and procedures - Recruitment and Selection Policy

5.6 Code of Conduct for members of the Governing Body

Code of Conduct for members of the Governing Body is available on request

5.7 Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/policies/ed/

5.8 Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/policies/

5.9 Complaints

Complaints Policy - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/policies/

5.10 Data Protection

Data Protection Policy - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/policies/

5.11 Charging Regimes and Policies

Fees Policy - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/fees/

6. Lists and Registers

6.1 Publically available Registers

Register of Interests for Staff and Governors - http://www.northbrook.ac.uk/aboutus/governance/governancedocuments
Request from FOI@GBMC.ac.uk


Northbrook College is committed to meeting its obligations under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.


All Freedom of Information requests should be sent directly to the College's Freedom of Information Officer:


Jenny Brooker
FOI Officer
Greater Brighton Metropolitan College
West Durrington Campus
Littlehampton Road
West Sussex
BN12 6NU

Tel: 01903 273239
Email: jenny.brooker@gbmc.ac.uk






Contact Details for The Information Commissioner's Office

The Information Comissioner's Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Telephone: 08456 30 60 60 or 01625 54 57 45