City College Brighton will be merging with Northbrook College in spring 2017 to form the Greater Brighton Metropolitan College.

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The Consultation Report on the proposed merger between City College Brighton & Hove and Northbrook College Sussex is available below, along with a reponse from the joint Chairs of the Designate Board to the consultation on the merger.

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Click here to download the response from the joint Chairs of the Designate Board

Press releases


Northbrook College and City College Brighton to merge following consultation period

October 2016


Northbrook College and City College are proposing to merge. The merger will be one of equals, where two strong Colleges come together under the leadership of a single Board and Executive team.

The proposals have been developed over many months and the time has now come to seek the views and opinions of everyone in the economic area of the City Region through a public consultation that starts today and concludes on 17 November.


The new organisation will build on the proud history and heritage of both Colleges - stretching back over 120 years - but will create a modern and forward looking institution that embraces the opportunities and challenges facing students in the 21st century.


The consultation proposes a new name, The Metropolitan College, to reflect the combination of people, ideas, culture and place that the new organisation will serve.


The College will continue to operate from its five primary sites across Worthing, Shoreham and Brighton and will use the opportunity created by increased scale and efficiency to invest in its curriculum. A particular focus will be apprenticeships and higher-level professional and technical skills.


The planned date for the legal aspects of the merger to conclude is 31 March 2017.

In a joint statement, Sue Dare, Principal of Northbrook and Nick Juba, CEO of City College said:

"This is all about establishing a College that can deliver for our students. A College that celebrates and promotes professional and vocational routes into work and higher education. We want our students to go on and do amazing things, to live fulfilling lives and follow rewarding careers. The Metropolitan College will offer clearroutes right up the educational ladder providing opportunities for every young person or adults across the economic area of the City Region to gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed."


In a joint statement, Ian Lowrie and Julie Nerney, Chairs of Governors at the two colleges, said:

"The Metropolitan College will be the engine room of the local economy training the next generation of carpenters, coders, beauticians and digital artists. We want to play our part in ensuring that businesses across the economic area of the City Region have access to the pipeline of talent they need to develop, grow and create wealth for all of our residents.


We're excited by the opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the two Colleges and to work in collaboration with businesses, local authorities, politicians, educational providers and all of our local communities for the good of our students, apprentices and undergraduates.
Now we need to hear your views so that we can ensure our proposals can be shaped by the needs of everyone in the economic area of the City Region".



Chief Executive designate appointed in preparation for merger

November 2016


In preparation for the potential merger between Northbrook College and City College, the Boards of both organisations have appointed a CEO Designate to lead the new institution.


Following a two-day recruitment process which included feedback from students, staff and external stakeholders Nick Juba was successful in his application for the role. He will take this on in addition to his responsibilities as CEO of City College, pending the final decision to merge which will be made in December.


Ian Lowrie and Julie Nerney, as Joint Chairs of the Designate Board, said:


“The new College is very lucky to have appointed such a talented and visionary leader who is committed to bringing to life the ambitious strategy set out in the case for merger. We look forward to working with Nick in this transitional period in order to put in place strong foundations for the new Metropolitan College.


While this appointment is for a new organisation, we understand that bringing together two existing organisations will be critical to its success. We are pleased, therefore, to confirm that Nick has requested that Sue Dare, current Principal of Northbrook College, stay on in the new organisation in a temporary transitional role. Sue will provide much needed continuity during the initial period and we would like to express our thanks to her for agreeing to take up this role.”