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Northbrook College Alumni Shines as Glow Up 2023 Winner

5 July 2023

Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star has crowned its next champion. Northbrook College alumni Saphron Morgan, a talented make-up artist, has emerged victorious in the fifth series of BBC Three’s highly anticipated show. Saphron started her journey at Northbrook College and is now a celebrated make-up artist with a national platform.

Saphron’s success on Glow Up is a testament to her exceptional skills and dedication. Throughout the competition, she impressed the judges with her consistent artistry, never once facing elimination. In the final episode, the judges were astounded by Saphron’s creative talent, hailing her as “an artist” in her own right.

Saphron’s former tutor Allison Pollard, commended her, stating, “We are very proud of our alumni Saphron Morgan for winning this year’s Glow Up. She was an exceptional student who came to Northbrook to learn and develop the skills that she has shown throughout the series”. 

Saphron’s victory on Glow Up has propelled her beyond her own expectations. What began as a passion for using make-up has transformed into an artist’s outlet. Saphron believes that make-up is a form of self-expression and a tool for tackling her anxiety, stating, “Now I see make-up as being all about creativity and feeling good”. 

Looking to the future, Saphron envisions merging traditional and more unconventional techniques, expressing her desire to participate in fashion week and create her own fantasy characters using prosthetics. 

Winning Glow Up has been a life-changing experience for Saphron, marking a milestone in her career.

Everyone at Northbrook wishes to extend her a huge well done and congratulations! 

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