Work Experience System for Schools
What is the Work Experience Directory?

The work experience directory is an extensive list of work experience opportunities offered by local employers for use by:

  • Students looking for a Work Experience Placement

  • School Work Experience Coordinators

  • Appointed Health and Safety officers

To use this directory you must have a valid login provided by Greater Brighton Metropolitan College. If you would like to become a member of our Work Experience Directory service, please contact us on 01903 273 512 for further information.

Login to the Work Experience Directory

Are you an Employer?

We are always looking for new placement opportunities to offer to dedicated students. If your company would like information about the benefits of having a Work Experience student or would like to register a placement opportunity with us please call us on 01903 273 512.

What happens when I register a placement?

We understand that a businesses time is valuable and have designed our service to be as quick and simple as possible. The registration process is broken in to three main sections:

  • Registration

    We register your company with as much information as possible including: Where is the placement? Who is responsible for the placement? and What are the details of the placement?

    We recommend putting as much detail as possible in to your placement description as this will ensure you attract the right students.

  • Arranging your first placement

    Once your placement has been checked and uploaded by one of our moderators, it will go live on the WEX directory and become instantly searchable by over 30 local schools.

    If a student would like to apply for your work experience placement, they will inform their Work Experience Coordinator who will contact your member of staff identified in the 'Who is responsible for the placement?' section of your registration. Please note - we never share contact information with students browsing the directory, only subscribed work experience coordinators. This ensures that you are not inundated with calls.

    During this call you can discuss any queries about the schools work experience process with the coordinator and inform them of any changes to the placement.

    If you agree on a placement, the school coordinator will contact GB Met College directly with the placement details, student name and agreed placement dates.

  • Health and Safety visit

    As the agreed placement dates approach, you will be contacted by a member of GB Met College's Health and Safety team to arrange a convenient time for a short compulsory work place risk assessment.

    There is no charge to you for this service and the details collected are not shared and will remain confidential.

    Once the risk assessment visit is successfully completed we will confirm the placement directly with the school coordinator, allowing them to finalise the placement.

    Whilst you are offering your placements, risk assessments are required at either one, two or three - yearly intervals depending on the risk involved in the work environment.

    Unless there is a change in circumstances with the placement (for example, the risk assessment expires, the placement role changes or the business relocates to a new premises) then you can host placements without need for a further visit.

You are free to withdraw your placement offer at any time - just contact us on 01903 273 512, or email us at