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Northbrook College Prop Making and SFX Students Celebrate Triumph at New Blades Exhibition

26 June 2023

Northbrook College’s Prop making and special effects (SFX) students have achieved outstanding success at the recent New Blades exhibition, cementing a significant milestone for the first-ever Prop Making and SFX BA Hons 3rd-year program. Showcasing the talents of 15 students, the event not only garnered rave reviews but also resulted in the impressive collection of three esteemed awards.

Arran Swales received the prestigious Richard Gregory Award for SFX, recognizing his exceptional skills and innovative approach to special effects. Josh Csobonas secured the highly coveted Twin FX “wow factor” award, which highlighted his awe-inspiring craftsmanship and ability to captivate audiences with stunning visual effects. Harrison Ryan claimed the Machine Shop SFX award, demonstrating his remarkable talent for practical prop making.

Attended by over 80 professionals and companies from the television, film, and theatre industries, the exhibition proved to be an invaluable networking opportunity for the students. Engaging conversations with industry experts led to job offers and exciting new prospects, as doors were opened for the talented Northbrook College students. The resounding success of the event showcased the tremendous effort and dedication of the prop making and SFX students, leaving them motivated to surpass their achievements at the upcoming 2024 exhibition.

Expressing immense pride, HE Course Leader for Prop Making and SFX, Dan Jenkins, lauded the students for their accomplishments. The remarkable craftsmanship and creativity displayed by the prop making and SFX students were evident in the quality of their work and the accolades they received. Encouraged by this triumph, Northbrook College eagerly anticipates the future, setting ambitious goals for the 2024 New Blades exhibition and aspiring to surpass this year’s record-breaking achievement of three awards.

The resounding achievements of the Northbrook College students at New Blades underscore the program’s commitment to excellence and innovation in prop making and SFX. As the college continues to nurture and develop the skills of aspiring artists, the industry can expect a new generation of prop making and SFX professionals who will push boundaries and redefine creative possibilities.

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