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Equality and Diversity

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Northbrook College is committed to the promotion of equality and diversity for students, staff, applicants for jobs and courses, partner organisations and visitors.

Our aim is that all individuals at Northbrook College should have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. We want people to feel welcome, safe, valued, included and respected.

The college serves the learning needs of the whole community, with the objective of promoting the economic and social well-being of the local area. We strive to be customer-focused in terms of accessibility, relevance and flexibility.

We work to eliminate unfair discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations for people, irrespective of their age; disability; gender; pregnancy and maternity status; gender identity; race; religion or belief, and sexual orientation. The college considers the impact of its activities on equality, and takes action to address any issues identified.

The college values diversity and recognises that people with different backgrounds, skills, attitudes and experiences bring fresh ideas and perceptions, and enrich our educational community.

Our Equality and Diversity Policy brings the college’s Core Values to life – making learning central; delivering excellence; valuing each other; behaving with integrity; being inclusive and serving our community. All members of the college community – staff, students and others – are expected to uphold it.

Our pledge

The college pledges to:

  • Have a continuous and positive focus on providing positive quality diversity training for staff and learners;
  • Regularly review and seek to improve our policies and strategies;
  • Improve the monitoring and response to diversity issues and concerns; and
  • Embed quality and diversity in all that we do.

IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) Working Definition of Antisemitism has been adopted by the Chichester College Group. Further details and more information can be found here: What is antisemitism? (

Governance and management of equality and diversity

Chichester College Group is passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion. It is considered throughout our governance structures and recently has been the focus of a governor development event. It is a key priority for the Group Leadership Team.

The key principles of equality, diversity and human rights are embedded in all aspects of its business, activities and culture. However, the Chief Executive has also established an equality, diversity and inclusion working group following the murder of George Floyd. The action plan focuses on specific areas covering Students, Staff and Stakeholders. Staff are updated on progress in achieving the key objectives at termly staff briefings.

Equality and diversity themes and objectives are key topics covered in our Attitudes, Choices, Skills and employability (ACES) tutorial sessions but are also embedded in the everyday life of the colleges.