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Meet our Team Northbrook Racing driver, Richard Jepp

2 May 2023

Meet Richard Jepp, a talented race driver who is part of Team Northbrook Racing. With a passion for speed and a determination to succeed, Richard has made a name for himself on the UK racing scene. As a member of Team Northbrook Racing, Richard has competed in various high-profile events and has proven himself as a formidable competitor. His skills behind the wheel and his dedication to his sport have earned him the respect of his fellow racers and fans alike. 

“Working alongside the lecturers and students all throughout 2022 has been an incredible experience for me. I have gained a wealth of knowledge on how the college provides unwavering support and fosters the growth of its students, ensuring they have the best possible opportunities. The exceptional professionalism exhibited by everyone involved has truly stood out. Remaining composed in high-pressure situations and making well-informed decisions has been crucial.”

“The Motorsport Engineering course serves as an exceptional gateway to a career in the industry. Gaining hands-on experience during live race weekends is an invaluable aspect of this journey. The challenges that unfold during such events are rarely replicable in a classroom or facility, allowing the students to develop skills that will set them apart in their future careers.”

“In 2022, the team and I faced numerous tough situations, but we persevered, maintaining our determination and self-belief. We consistently improved both on and off the track, and this was reflected in our results. Staying connected with the leader of the Student Motorsport Challenge, we found ourselves in a favourable position entering the final race weekend held at the prestigious Silverstone Circuit. In the last race of the weekend, we secured victory and became the Student Motorsport Champions for 2022! The jubilation within the team was indescribable. We are eagerly anticipating the title defence in 2023, fueled by the hard work invested throughout the season.”

Keep an eye out for Richard and Team Northbrook Racing as they continue to push the limits of performance and achieve great things on the track