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Northbrook College Students Celebrate Illustration Awards from Brighton Illustrator's Group

12 June 2023

It’s time to celebrate as the talented students from Northbrook College’s BA (Hons) Illustration course receive exciting Illustration Awards sponsored by the vibrant Brighton Illustrator’s Group (BIG). The atmosphere was buzzing on Tuesday evening as Sophie Carter and Mia Kennedy were presented with cash prizes of £250 each for their incredible work throughout the academic year.

The collaboration between BIG and Northbrook is a shining example of their dedication to nurturing emerging illustration talents. Their generous offer to establish these prestigious awards highlights their commitment to recognising and supporting the brightest stars in the field.

The awards ceremony was a joyous occasion, attended by the dynamic Jo Moore from BIG, the talented duo Sophie Carter and Mia Kennedy, and the supportive David O’Connor. It was a chance to celebrate these young artists’ unwavering dedication, artistic flair, and outstanding achievements. The event showcased their awe-inspiring work, which stood out amongst the incredible submissions from their fellow course mates.

Sophie Carter wowed everyone with her artistic brilliance and captivating style, bringing each stroke to life and creating captivating visual narratives. Meanwhile, Mia Kennedy impressed with her meticulous attention to detail and vibrant compositions, showcasing exceptional technical skills. Both artists displayed boundless creativity, originality, and an innate understanding of the art of illustration.

The Illustration Awards not only recognise the phenomenal talent of Sophie and Mia but also highlight the exceptional education and guidance provided by Northbrook College’s BA (Hons) Illustration course. This collaboration with BIG solidifies the college’s commitment to nurturing emerging artists, equipping them with the skills they need to make their mark in the competitive world of illustration.

With the Illustration Awards opening doors to exciting opportunities, Northbrook College looks forward to more fruitful collaborations with BIG and other industry partners. The future holds limitless potential for their students to shine brightly, leaving their creative imprint on the dynamic world of illustration.