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Spectacular ‘Hair Show’ at Northbrook College Showcases Creative Talent

15 June 2023

Our Broadwater Campus was recently transformed into a dazzling display of fantasy and creativity as the annual ‘Hair Show’ unfolded. This event provided a platform for our talented Level 2 Hairdressing students to showcase their exceptional skills and imagination in a competition that explored the creativity of hairstyling.

This year’s theme of ‘Historical Hair’ captivated the audience and judges with its unique blend of historical inspiration and elements of fantasy and the avant-garde. 

Sponsored by Wella, the renowned haircare brand, the competition enabled students to create awe-inspiring hairstyles that blended the charm of bygone eras with cutting-edge techniques. 

The winner of this year’s show was the talented Ruby Morgan. Her model, Miss Masquerade, emerged from the mystique of the Victorian era, exuding elegance and enigma. Ruby’s artistry came alive through a headpiece crafted from braided hair extensions, adorned with feathers and butterflies. Sustainability played a big role in her creation, with upcycled costume elements.

Beeca Peters secured an impressive second place with her creation, Frozen Forest. Becca transformed her model into a vision of wintry beauty. Once again resourcefulness took centre stage as Becca repurposed hair decorations and even incorporated toilet roll tubes to achieve a rolled effect. Her homage to sustainability demonstrated the conscientiousness of these young hairdressing artists.

Bayleigh Jacob and Natashia Willett claimed the joint third spot. Bayleigh embraced the Victorian theme by scouring charity shops to find the perfect outfit for her model. She used a mixture of hair padding, styling techniques and gold tones to add a touch of glamour to this stunning look. 

Natashia’s look merged female and male aesthetics, resulting in a captivating juxtaposition titled ‘The Double Life’. Her headpiece was crafted from unconventional materials such as chicken wire, a testament to her innovative talent. By skillfully combining a number of different hairdressing techniques Natashia masterfully brought together the duality of ‘The Double Life’. 

This year’s ‘Hair Show’ was an overwhelming success, and we applaud these students’ exceptional talent and creativity. This event not only showcased the student’s abilities but also highlighted their commitment to sustainability. 

We would like to extend a big congratulations to all those involved, including staff, students and visitors. We can’t wait for next year!