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Students put politics under the microscope during visit from local MP

6 December 2023

Students at Northbrook College relished the opportunity to pose some questions to a local MP recently.

Tim Loughton MP visited the college’s Broadwater campus and spent a morning with Gateway students, talking about his role in Parliament, the day-to-day life as MP as well as the history and purpose of Government.

Tutor Charlotte Roberts organised the visit, and said: “Teaching within the Gateway provision, I found student have a limited understanding of UK laws, how decisions for the country are made and what the Houses of Parliament are.

“As part of the student course – RARPA, an area we focus on is ‘Living in the community’ and I felt understanding the responsibilities of our local MP and how he has a duty to help young people, families and communities would be benefit to the students’ education and support with their understanding of deeper issues we must face.

“I contacted Tim Loughton, when I found the programme and resources on UK Parliament Week last month and decided to take part in the scheme as part of our lessons.

“Within RARPA and the Gateway provision, we will continue to research and learn about parliament, law, voting and community issues, throughout the academic year.”

Mr Loughton also took part in a question & answer session. Charlotte added: “The students created some excellent questions, asking Tim about the issue they face, daily such as long waiting time for health care, cost of housing and funding for higher and future education.”